Comic Book

Book Description

“The Adventures of Jacob the Technician”, Volume 1, portrays a day in the life of the GCE LTER technicians. The reader is exposed to a variety of marsh plant and animal species, and to the day-to-day process of science. The back pages have several fun activities (coloring, maze, name the organism, etc.). The comic book is available in both English and Spanish. 16 pages, not counting the inside and outside cover. Story: Steven Pennings, Art: Rachel Wells.


“The Adventures of Jacob the Technician” is available from Steven Pennings for $5 a copy, shipping free within the United States. Email Steve at Bring your copy to Sapelo Island, and Jacob will sign it for free! The English version is also available on Amazon as a Kindle book.

Submit Artwork & Lessons

Readers are encouraged to submit their artwork based on “The Adventures of Jacob the Technician” to Steve Pennings at Teachers, email Steve and tell him how you’ve used the comic book in your classroom.